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How to ask for help in WME forum?

So you're stuck and you want WME community to help you with your problems? Here's how to proceed:

  • First of all, before you ask, use the beautiful search function. Some themes are recurring
  • If you don't find the solution there, read again your wme.log file and bother yourself with the translation of what's inside. Most of the time the translation lies straight ahead.
  • If you don't see the solution there and you can't find our answer already then start a new thread.
  • Name the thread so everybody will know what's about so no "PROBLEM" or similar. Better is "Animation doesn't work in fullscreen.
  • In the body use very accurate description of your problem. Is your game 2d, are you using 3d actors? Be very detailed. If you can't bother yourself by taking enough time to provide us necessary input, why should we bother with answering?
  • Post relevant parts of your scripts!!! We're not wizards and don't see to your computer. If you show us relevant scripts/sprites, you'll get your answer much sooner.
  • Don't ever use all capitals. It's shouting and it's rude… We don't like rude people.
  • Try to be polite. We do this in our free time and nobody is obliged to help you. If you're polite, we'll be glad to help. In the opposite case we just ignore you.

I wrote those few points just because nobody seems to be bothered to read the longer rules. Maybe less text will have better impact.

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