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Building WME Lite from sources

Microsoft Windows

Provided are solution and project files for Visual Studio 2008.

Mac OS X


  • Obtain sources from Mercurial repository:
  • Download dependencies for XCode (
  • Unpack the dependencies to xcode-ios/dep directory.
  • Copy your game package (data.dcp) to xcode-ios/wmelite directory (note: if your game package uses a different name or if you need to use multiple .dcp files, you will have to modify the xcode project).
  • Replace Default.png and IconXXX.png images in xcode-ios/wmelite with your custom graphics (Default.png isn't mandatory, you can delete it).
  • Edit Info.plist and change at least the "CFBundleIdentifier" key to your company and product name (edit: in XCode 4 you can change the properties directly in XCode, no need to edit Info.plist manually).
  • Open the project file (xcode-ios/wmelite/wmelite.xcodeproj) in XCode and compile.

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