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Actual Destination

Name: Actual Destination
Description: You play as two astronauts on a routine mission. But as bad luck has it, they are transported far outside the charted parts of the universe.
It is up to you to guide the two home, and perhaps discover something they both couldn't imagine in their wildest fantasies. This game was made by two students
at Blekinge Insitute of Technology in a two week period.
Author: Marcus Grönskog, Adam Storhed.
Status: finished, freeware

Alpha Polaris

Name: Alpha Polaris
Description: In the midst of the snowfields of Greenland lies Alpha Polaris, an American oil research station. High above, the ion storm of the century is gathering, bringing about a strange intermixing of reality and night terrors.
Author: Turmoil Games
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, commercial

ap01.jpg ap02.jpg

Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

Name: Art of Murder: FBI Confidential
Description: New York has been shaken by a series of ritual murders. Murders are committed with a strange tool, and the victims have their hearts removed. A young female FBI agent, Nicole Bonnet, is assigned to the case…
Author: City Interactive
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, commercial, download demo

aom1.jpg aom2.jpg


Name: Bickadoodle
Description: A comic-fantasy stick-man adventure with a twist. See the website for more!
Author: Aetheric Games
Style: 2D, hand-drawn
Status: finished, freeware

Chaos Realm

Name: Chaos Realm
Description: Chaos Realm© is a sci-fi adventure game, developed with Wintermute Engine.(WME.) The game features incredible hi-res 3D graphics, and a unique fusion of futuristic Sci-Fi and “Sword and sorcery” Fantasy.
Author: NOVA Studios
Style: 3D, 3rd-person
Status: in production, commercial


Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting

Name: Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting
Description: Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting is a dark, shocking, and fear charged mystery horror game, that casts the player in the role of Sheriff Alex Truman as he attempts to piece together the origins of a disturbed and unidentified car crash victim. Set entirely underneath an idyllic country farmhouse, in the deserted and claustrophobic confines of a mysterious and secret underground complex, players will explore a place nobody knew existed, and uncover a twisted past that gets more and more terrifying with every corner turned, every door opened, and every note read. What happened beneath Cold Winter Farm? What does it have to do with the stranger, who survived a terrible crash, only to sit and mutter the farm's name? And if the place is supposed to be deserted, what do you keep seeing out of the corner of your eye?
Author: Viperante
Style: 2D, 1st person, slideshow
Status: finished, commercial

corrosion_screenshot_22_12_11_006.jpg corrosion_screenshot_22_12_11_004.jpg

Dark Fall: Lost Souls

Name: Dark Fall: Lost Souls
Description: You have unfinished business with the dead. Return to the Train Station and Hotel at Dowerton for a second time, there is a new mystery to solve, and new horrors to face.
Author: Darkling Room
Style: panoramatic 3D
Status: finished, commercial

df3_deaddiners.jpg df3_hotelreception.jpg

Dirty Split

Name: Dirty Split
Description: You will lead private investigator Alan Baxter to the truth as an ever-increasing mystery unravels before his eyes. Follow clues to exciting locales such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Feel the vibrant style of the 1960s era and meet a fascinating variety of characters.
Author: Dreamagination
Style: 2D
Status: finished, freeware

ds1.jpg ds2.jpg

The Dreamcat Adventure

Name: The Dreamcat Adventure
Description: A simple adventure game where a cat must find a way out of a room.
Author: Jennifer McMurray
Style: 2D
Status: Released, Freeware (English)

dc1.jpg dc2.jpg


Name: Dreamland
Description: Made also during a 2 weeks school project at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.
This game let you play Darriln, just a simple wanderer that meet his new life just down the road.
Darriln will be tested on logics puzzles in a diffrent world than his.
This is also our first real try in the Wintermute engine and we are happy with result for having done it on two weeks.
Hope you enjoy it and soon our version with sound will be uploaded too.
Author: Mikael Palm, Tommie Malmgren.
Style: 2D
Status: Beta Download

East Side Story

Name: East Side Story
Description: East Side Story is a detective mystery, a fourth game in the Carol Reed series. Carol decides to take a long summer vacation, but her vacation is soon interrupted… First-person photographic point’n'click adventure game.
Author: MDNA Games
Style: 1st person
Status: finished, commercial, download demo


Everyday Grey

Name: Everyday Grey
Description: A portrait of Philip Kanes monotone life and his subtle fight against it.
Author: Robin Hjelte and Emma Grahn.
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, freeware

Face Noir

Name: Face Noir
Description: The Black Thursday. That is how the press rechristened that October 24th, 1929, a day in which U.S. began to face the darkest years of his history: the Great Depression years. All the great values professed by this nation vanished within a couple of months, the American dream was dead and trust in God begun to shake.
Few years had been enough for people to show their real side: false, mean and, above all, open to bribery. But the one thing I would have never imagined is how far corruption had gone; so far that somebody would actually try to bribe God.
And now here I am, a gun barrel pointed at me, a corpse on my conscience, and a young lady to protect. How could this ever happen? How is it possible that everything has stemmed from a series of coincidences?
Do you believe in Destiny?
…I don`t.
Author: Mad Orange
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, commercial

facenoir_01.jpg facenoir_02.jpg

Fairy tales about Toshechka and Boshechka

Name: Fairy tales about Toshechka and Boshechka
Description: “Fairy tales about Toshechka and Boshechka” is a nice animated adventure game for children. The house of Toshechka and Boshechka is gone because of steam boiler explosion and so starts a long journey.
Author: CreativeDream Studio
Style: 2D
Status: finished, commercial

tib01.jpg tib02.jpg

Five magical amulets

Name: Five magical amulets
Description: A fairytale adventure game about a young girl Linda trying to stop an evil wizard from taking over a kingdom.
Author: Off Studio
Style: 2D
Status: finished, freeware

Five magical amulets for iPhone/iPad

Name: Five magical amulets for iPhone/iPad
Description: The acclaimed fairytale adventure game is now also available for Apple mobile devices.
Author: Off Studio
Style: 2D
Status: available on the App Store


Name: Four
Description: A regular day in the life of a robot who might not be as regular as it seems.
Author: Hampus Juhlin and Pontus Novén
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, freeware


Name: Framed
You play as Mr Black. An agent who is about to pull off a heist with your partner Mr White.
But something goes wrong and now you're in serious trouble…
We are 2 students studying game design at BTH (Blekinge Institute of Technology) in Sweden and we
made this game in 2 weeks for a school project.
Author: Sakari Korhonen, Daniel Bengtsson
Style: 2D
Status: Freeware Beta, get it here!

Ghost in the Sheet

Name: Ghost in the Sheet
Description: Take on the role of a ghost wrapped in a sheet and stuck in an old factory as you try to unravel the mysteries of the afterlife.
Author: CBE
Style: 1st person
Status: finished, commercial, download demo

gits1.jpg gits2.jpg

Graphic Adventure "Book of Gron". Part One

Name: Graphic Adventure "Book of Gron". Part One
Description: Dwarf Gron arrived in village to meet his old friend. What lies ahead? Right now about it!
Author: Maximyz
Style: 2D
Status: finished, freeware (Russian)

gron_1.jpeg gron_2.jpeg

Hamlet or the last game without MMORPS features, shaders and product placement

Name: Hamlet or the last game without MMORPS features, shaders and product placement
Description: The original adventure game based on twisted William Shakespeare's "Hamlet".
Author: mif2000
Style: 2D
Status: finished, commercial

gamelet_screenshot_1.jpg gamelet_screenshot_7.jpg

Helga Deep in Trouble

Name: Helga Deep in Trouble
Description: Helga is the manager of an independent game company, but is replaced once the company is forced to sell to a corporation by an incompetent former secretary. Helga forms a new game studio, but runs into complications along the way.
Author: Off Studio
Style: 2D
Status: finished, commercial

helga_screenshot_1.jpg helga_screenshot_2.jpg

It on the hill

Name: It on the hill
Description: You wake up as a being on this hill and wants to discover the world from it.
Author: Rosanna Johansson,Nina Ren och Thobias bergsmo
Style: 2.5D
Status: Almost finished, freeware


Name: J.U.L.I.A.
Description: J.U.L.I.A. is a puzzle video game for PC built upon the story of Rachel Manners, a 35 year old astrobiologist, who was among a close group of scientists chosen to embark upon one of the most critical mission ever conceived on Earth - to encounter alien sentient life forms.
Author: CBE
Style: 2D
Status: finished, commercial

julia01.jpg julia02.jpg

James Peris: No Licence Nor Control

Name: James Peris: No Licence Nor Control
Description: Humor adventure game in 3rd person, in cartoon style.
Author: Pavo entertainment & LaCosaWeb
Style: 2D
Status: released, download demo (English version), download demo (Spanish version)

jp1demo1.jpg jp1demo2.jpg


Description: K'NOSSOS is a cold surreal adventure game about a man traveling the unknown reaches of the cosmos, and the things he uncovers on his journey.
Author: Svarun Entertainment
Style: 2D
Status: Alpha Demo available, freeware

Kulivočko / Snowshine

Name: Kulivočko / Snowshine
Description: The story follows adventures of small boy Oliver, who leaves the orphanage walls, to find out his own roots and reveal the past of his ancestors.
Style: 2D
Status: Finished, freeware

hau325fe2_kulivocko_image3_jpg_83909.jpg hau3270c3_kulivocko4.jpg

Life In 3 Minutes

Name: Life In 3 Minutes
Description: You wake up in a cell. Why are you there?.
Author: Victor Rasmussen, Oscar Johansson and Fanny Hagberg
Style: 2.5D
Status: Almost finished, freeware


Name: Lolbot
you play as uhm yeah the robot and well you need a friend and as things happens you just found one, only problem is hes broken and its no your task to fix your dear friend Lolbot. this is game where made as a school project at Bth, this is our first game in wintermute and with the time we hade we are kind of satisfiyed with the result. have look for yourself,

(any opinions,Criticism or praise can be sent to they are all very much appreciated
Author: Stefan Gökstorp, Magnus Christensson
Style: 2D
Status: Freeware Beta, get it here!

Looky - The Adventure

Name: Looky - The Adventure
Description: Looky -the alien worm- has to enter a not-so-dead volcano and fight the evil cannibals.
Author: Bullshit Softworx
Style: 2D
Status: in production, download demo (German voices, English subs), download game (German only)

la1.jpg la2.jpg

Mental Repairs Inc.

Name: Mental Repairs Inc.
Description: Mental Repairs, Inc. is a 2.5D point'n'click adventure that puts you into the shoes of Henrik Liaw, machine psychiatrist.
Author: Renzo Thönen
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, freeware

mr1.jpg mr2.jpg


Name: Mirage
Description: In this game you play as Shin, an ordinary student living an ordinary life. But when he witnesses a murder and it seems like it is being covered up his world cracks at the seams. Now it is up to Shin to uncover the culprit and solve the murder. We made this game in two weeks as a school project at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. It is our first full game made using the Wintermute engine. We hope that you will enjoy this!
Author: Jonas Chanasima Gransing, Sam Samuelsson, Sebastian Hansson
Style: 2D
Status: finished, freeware

On the Tracks of Dinosaurs

Name: On the Tracks of Dinosaurs
Description: Alex explores the African tribe Sangvala which is supposed to have lived with dinosaurs and even tamed them…
Author: RQ Team
Style: 2.5D
Status: frozen, download demo (Russian, English, Italian)

scr04_prev.jpg scr05_prev.jpg


Name: OpenQuest
Description: A conversion of Michael Sheail's two room adventure game, OpenQuest, from AGS to Wintermute. Two aliens come to Earth to retrieve a stolen artifact.
Author: Jennifer McMurray
Style: 2D
Status: Released, Freeware (English)

oq1.jpg oq2.jpg


Name: Paintaria
Description: Story of the game takes you to an imaginary land of Paintaria, where our main hero, Painty, gets by accident as he tries to be a bit of a rebel. It seems that the world lost all the colors, except for one – red. Feeling it might have been his fault it’s up to Painty to fix all the mess he caused.
Author: Traktor Games
Style: 2D
Status: Released, Freeware (English)

Pizza Morgana

Name: Pizza Morgana
Description: Pizza Morgana lets you play the charming tale of a young girl who is accidentally teleported into a magical dimension filled with monsters, vampires, faeries, and daemons, which all just happen to be employed as pizza delivery guys. And they all work for an arch wizard (and chef), named Morgan!
Author: Corbomite Games
Style: Cartoon 2.5D
Status: Commercial, episodic

Did you order Pizza Morgana? The Magical Forest

Project Joe (working title)

Name: Project Joe (working title)
Description: A cartoon comedy game. A powerful corporation wants to close Joe’s bar. He has to fight back!
Author: Sticky Studios
Style: 2D
Status: cancelled, download demo


Name: ProjectDoom
Description: You play as the super villian Dr.Terror as he sets out to gather components for his Doomsday device, that he will use to control the world with the threat of desturction - But things doesn't go as planed (as it usuly doesn't).
This game were made as a school preject at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. This was the first time we used WME and that we worked on this for two weeks. We hope that you have fun during the testing of our game, enjoy!
Author: Martin Silve, Victor Dahlqvist
Style: 2D
Status: Beta Download


Author: 3f Interactivo
Saga Site: Site
Style: 2D

Chapter 1 - The Escape for Windows, iOS (all devices)

Name: Reversion - The Escape
Description: In one of the world's most overcrowded cities, the worst happened… Twenty years later, a man with no memory holds the key to change it all. It's your chance to revert history.
Release: 2012
Status: finished, Free download for PC
Apple Store:
Download Apple Store Desura (free for Windows)

Chapter 2 - The Meeting

Name: Reversion - The Meeting
Description: After resolving the first dilema, our heroe is ready to find out more about what was that really happened
Release: 2013
Status: production
Greenlight: vote for it on

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Name: Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches
Description: Legends, myths, and magic spill into reality as an ancient battle for revenge envelopes a remote Welsh farmstead, threatening the very sanity of a lonely teenage girl.
Author: Arberth Studios
Style: 1st person
Status: finished, commercial, download demos

rh1.jpg rh2.jpg


Name: Rosemary
Description: When Rosemary discovers a photograph of a forgotten friend, she is driven back to her old haunts to piece back together her memories and unravel what happened to him. She finds herself questioning her memories of the people and places she interacted with in her childhood. Rosemary is a point-and-click adventure game with a twist: the player has to explore and arrange the memories of the character in order to solve the mystery of the game.
Author: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
Style: 2D
Status: finished, freeware

loadgame_rosemary_01.jpg loadgame_rosemary_02.jpg


Description: Shaban is an adventure game based on hidden objects, logical and environmental puzzles and quick-time events. Help Shaban rescue his sheep from thieves.
Shaban game is published by Big Fish Games at 20 jun 2012.
Author: PetaGames
Style: 2D
Status: finished, commercial
Greenlight: vote for it on

shabangame_01.jpg wme_2012-08-29_12-46-20-07.jpg

Space Madness

Name: Space Madness
Description: A mad scientist attempts to clone himself, but his experiments keep failing and produce mutants that are disposed of on a desert planet. Ed, a mutant himself, decides it needs to stop, especially once he figures out that the latest experiments are endangering the entire universe.
Author: Spreadcamp
Style: 2D
Status: finished, commercial, download demo


Name: Sunrise
Description: Rydec, Brian and Max - three friends from New York with a great plan: a better life and then probably on to the Nobel Prize. They’ve spent innumerable nights working late and have invented something unique, which they are finally going to present tonight…
Author: TML Edition
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, commercial, download demo (in German)

sunrise1.jpg sunrise2.jpg

The Ancient Mark

Name: The Ancient Mark - Episode 1
Description: The world is changing. Humanity will never be the same again but William…he was always minding his own bussiness, without the need to care for anything that did't quite fit his precious little cage. After the death of his parents, he inherited their house which is located in a small seaside town. He was there only for a few days and was already convinced tha nothing interesting was really going to happen. Until the morning he met Kate.
Come and take part in a quest full of questions and mystery, in the first episode of the series: The Ancient Mark.
Author: Flipping Tree
Style: 2D
Status: finished (English), Free Download

The Box

Name: The Box
Description: Take control over the life of a small terrarium in which a little person lives. As time progress you may place different items in order to interact with the person/persons) living inside. There are different endings depending on what you choose. This is a game we made over a period of two weeks for a school project at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. This is our first complete game made in the Wintermute engine, hope you will enjoy!
Author: Marcus Kellner, Markus Fors
Style: 2D
Status: finished, freeware

The Dead City

Name: The Dead City
Description: A dark 1st person game about a man trying to find out who murdered his girlfriend.
Author: NiHiLiS Games (down)
Style: 1st person
Status: finished, freeware, download game

The Death of Erin Myers

Name: The Death of Erin Myers
Description: Erin Myers was a cop. Now she's dead. But how did she die? And why did she die? Find out, as you step back in time, and play through some of the most important moments of her life. Uncover her fears, her desires, and her darkest secrets. In the end, you can't save her. But maybe, just maybe, you can understand her.
Author: Viperante
Style: 1st person
Status: finished, commercial

The Lost Crown

Name: The Lost Crown
Description: A dark tale of myth, murder and mystery, set on England’s fog shrouded coast. Join ghost-hunters Nigel Danvers and Lucy Reubans, as they uncover long forgotten secrets, hidden treasures and the ghostly tales of the long since dead.
Author: Darkling Room
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, commercial

tlc1.jpg tlc2.jpg

The Meaningless life of August

Name: The Meaningless life of August
Description: How meaningless can a life be? And how meaningless will the game about that life be? Visit a day in August's life and find out!
Author: Magnus Olsson and Daniel Oldberg
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, freeware

The Shine of a Star

Name: The Shine of a Star
Description: The Shine of a Star is a classic point and click adventure, in which we follow a star who has fallen down to earth. Lost in the dark woods, he tries to find his way home but there are obstacles and challenges to overcome on the way. The game is focused on a short and atmospheric experience and all hints, the narrative and dialogues are passed on in form of animations and sounds instead of text and Words.
Author: Forgotten Key (facebook page)
Style: 2D
Status: finished, commercial

The Trader of Stories

Name: The Trader of Stories - new demo.
Description: The game is about a woman who had lost her memory and in order to find it she travels the world and gathers stories, hoping that one of them shall be hers.
Author: Marek Rudowski
Style: 2D
Status: download demo

traderofstories01.jpg traderofstories02.jpg

The White Chamber

Name: The White Chamber
Description: An anime-style horror game. Control a trapped young woman from 3rd person perspective as she solves puzzles and overcomes the twisted obstacles in her path.
Author: Studio Trophis
Style: 2D
Status: finished, freeware, open source


Name: Untitled
Description: Evelyn must find a way to stop the evil mayor from taking over the city! Can you find enough clues to help her hack into his computer, and ruin his plans?
Author: Fredrika Widén, Oliver Blomgren and Tomas Johansson.
Style: 2.5D
Status: in progress, freeware


Name: War
Description: A short story about a Soldier during war times and his struggles during hard times.
Author: Mattias Persson and Johan Bennet.
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, freeware

Ways and Means

Name: Ways and Means
Description: What happens if you suddenly see things from a different perspective? How do you know what's right, and what's wrong? Would you still trust your friends, or start doubting their intentions? It's your choice.
Authors: Anna Herbertsson, Karl Lislegård and Christoffer Gustafsson.
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, freeware


Name: Xergo
Description: A girl falls into a coma after a car crash.
Author: Casper Gustafsson and Kasra Kalami
Style: 2.5D
Status: finished, freeware

Zilm: a game of reflex

Name: Zilm: a game of reflex
Description: Zilm: a game of reflex pushes the player's reflexes and fast decision making to limits in ways you have never seen. Destroy orbs as fast as you can while avoiding enemy orbs and distractions. Unleash speedy caged orbs, orbs that can only be destroyed by double tapping, and even bombs. Levels increase in difficulty as the player progresses. Only ones with the greatest of reflexes and quickest minds will prevail.
Author: Skaldic Games / Randall Herman
Status: finished, commercial

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