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{{games:jp1demo1.jpg?150x112}} {{games:jp1demo2.jpg?150x112}} {{games:jp1demo1.jpg?150x112}} {{games:jp1demo2.jpg?150x112}}
 +===== K'NOSSOS =====
 +**Name:** K'NOSSOS
 +**Description:** K'NOSSOS is a cold surreal adventure game about a man traveling the unknown reaches of the cosmos, and the things he uncovers on his journey.
 +**Author:** [[http://svarunentertainment.com]]
 +**Style:** 2D
 +**Status:** [[http://svarunentertainment.com/setupK'NOSSOS.exe|Alpha Demo available, freeware]]
 +{{games:k_nossos_screenshots_2016-12-17_prologue_loc01.png?200x112}}  {{games:k_nossos_screenshots_2017-08-27_chapter1_loc05.png?200x112}}
===== Kulivočko / Snowshine ===== ===== Kulivočko / Snowshine =====
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