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How to Transcode a OGG files from an existing video and audio files on your Harddrive


RTFM - "The video codec [therora] is hardcoded in WME, you don't need to install any external codecs with your game."
RTFM - "File format for storing the sounds - OGG files – Ogg Vorbis files are compressed sound files, similar to the popular MP3’s. Unlike MP3, the Ogg Vorbis is an open format and it provides better sound quality."

So in order to properly use video in WME it is by far better to use OGG files than any other format due to the native WME support. Also it is far better to use OGG for sound as like an mp3 they are a bazzillion times smaller than wav files yet still retain a high level of audio quality, as well as also being a native WME format.

So this tutorial we will learn how to transcode any video or audio file on your harddrive into a ogg video or audio file ready for use!!

Software you will need

Transcoding Video

1) Load the VLC Player and go to "File/Wizard"

2) Select "transcode/save to file"

3) Select "Select Stream" and hit "Browse"

4) Hit "browse" again and Select your input file

5) Select "Transcode Video and Transcode Audio
- Set the video to THEORA
- Set the Audio to VORBIS
(if resulting file it to large re-encode using lower bit rates)

6) Select OGG (it should be the only thing you can select

7) Select your output file name and folder

8 ) When you hit finish the transcode will start. NOTE - You will NOT see any video. If the video file you are transcoding is big, this MAY take a while. The VLC "progress" bar is small so it may look like it is not moving at all when it first starts. Try stretching the player to the length of your screen to get a better update on progress.

Transcoding Audio

This is exactly the same process as the way to make the video. The only difference is that you do NOT tick Transcode Video when the option comes up in step 5.


Some Notes

  • Remember you can transcode audio directly from a video file and not include the video
  • When selecting your video / audio file (step 3) you can add a time index in and out point, allowing you split your video and audio


Well that is it I will update this page as needed and I hope you guys like it. I would appreciate any comments and constructive criticism.

Be excellent to each other and Party on Dudes

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