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Spank the Hero

Author: Igorrr
Description: A simple fighting game using direct keyboard control
Language: English

Sunny Demo

Author: McCoy
Description: Demonstration of sunrise/sunset scripting in WME
Language: English

Weather god

Author: Jerrot
Description: A snow/rain script for your games (don't forget to mention Jerrot in credits ;))
Language: English

Flashlight script

Author: Mnemonic
Description: A customizable flashlight demo with sources
Language: English

Wilma Tetris

Author: jnsfbi&mnemonic
Description: Tetris game written in WME, with a slightly erotic undertone
Language: English

Graphic Resources

2D Resources

WME logo in PSD format - WME logo in high resolution for you to use in your game and/or on your website.
WME logo in vector formats - WME logo in various vector formats for you to use in your game and/or on your website.

3D Resources

Other Assorted Stuff

WME Logo Tumble FMVs - OGG video files of a WME Logo Tumble ready to be insterted at the start of your project along with yuour projects other start up logos
Russian Translation of Wintermute Manual v1.7.3

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