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Contributing to WME Resource Center

Wintermute Engine Resource Center is an open online system for storing useful information related to Wintermute Engine. Everyone can read the articles, and every user registered to WME forum can edit existing articles, add translated versions of the articles, or even add entirely new articles 1). If you find any mistake in an existing article, or if you have some useful information you'd like to share with other WME users, you're encouraged to contribute.

To be able to edit articles, you'll need to login first. Click the "Login" button at the bottom of the page and use the same username and password you're using for WME forum (the accounts are shared).

Wintermute Engine Resource Center is using a simple text syntax for editing articles. It's easy to add headings, bold font, lists etc. See the Formatting syntax article for a detailed description of the basic syntax.

Alternatively, you can use the online HTML2WIKI tool to convert a HTML formatted document to the required format (choose "DokuWiki" in the Wiki Dialect field).

Adding scripts to articles

In addition, to add pieces of WME scripts to articles, use the following syntax:

<code script> 
// say hello 
Game.Msg("Hello world!"); 

This will automatically colorize the script for better readability:

// say hello 
Game.Msg("Hello world!");

Adding notes to articles

You can add highlighted notes to the articles using the following syntax:

<note>This is note</note> 
<note important>This is an important note</note> 
<note warning>This is a big warning</note> 
<note tip>This is a tip</note> 

This will result into:

This is note

This is an important note

This is a big warning

This is a tip

1) Some sections of the Resource Center can only by edited by administrators
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