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Building WME Lite from sources

Microsoft Windows

Provided are solution and project files for Visual Studio 2008.

Mac OS X

  • Obtain sources from SVN repository:
  • Download dependencies for XCode (
  • Unpack the dependencies to xcode/dep directory.
  • Download precompiled SDL.framework (
  • Unpack SDL.framework to /Library/Frameworks/
  • Open the project file (xcode/wmelite/wmelite.xcodeproj) in XCode and compile.
  • Once compiled:
    • Open the resulting application bundle ( by right-clicking it in Finder and selecting "Show Package Contents".
    • Copy your game packages (.dcp files) to "Contents/Resources" directory inside the application bundle (WME Lite will also find the .dcp files if you copy them to the same directory where the application bundle resides, but copying them inside the bundle allows for easier distribution).

Provided is a project file for XCode 3.


  • Obtain sources from SVN repository: Mercurial repository:
  • Unpack the dependencies to xcode-ios/dep directory.
  • Copy your game package (data.dcp) to xcode-ios/wmelite directory (note: if your game package uses a different name or if you need to use multiple .dcp files, you will have to modify the xcode project).
  • Replace Default.png and IconXXX.png images in xcode-ios/wmelite with your custom graphics (Default.png isn't mandatory, you can delete it).
  • Edit Info.plist and change at least the "CFBundleIdentifier" key to your company and product name (edit: in XCode 4 you can change the properties directly in XCode, no need to edit Info.plist manually).
  • Open the project file (xcode-ios/wmelite/wmelite.xcodeproj) in XCode and compile.

Provided is a project file for XCode 4.

Note: BitBucket dependencies doesn't always work with the simulator but YES THEY DO on a real device.

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