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TrueType fonts support in WME Lite

Since WME Lite is using a different font engine (FreeType2) than regular WME, unfortunately it's not possible to make TrueType font behaviour 100% compatible.
Remember, the font definition file looks something like this:

  SIZE = 24   
  FACE = "Arial" 
  FILENAME = "fonts\arial.ttf" 


In regular WME it's possible to use registered Windows fonts by specifying a correct face name, therefore the FILENAME property is optional. Also regular WME doesn't allow fonts to be stored inside game packages (.dcp files).

In WME Lite the FILENAME property is mandatory. WME Lite always needs to physically access the .ttf file. The FACE property is not used. The BOLD and ITALIC properties are unsupported. You will have to use a different .ttf files for bold and italic fonts (e.g. Arial font uses files arial.ttf, arialb.ttf and ariali.ttf). UNDERLINE is supported. STRIKE is unsupported.

If you don't specify a full path to a .ttf file, WME Lite will attempt to locate the file in system font directory (c:\windows\fonts on Windows and /Library/Fonts/ on Mac OS X). If the font cannot be found, the engine falls back to arial.ttf.

However, on iOS the engine is not able to access the system font directory, for that reason you MUST include .ttf files with the iOS version of your game.

Unlike regular WME, in WME Lite the .ttf files can be stored inside game packages.

Please remember that many fonts are copyrighted and you can't include just about any font in your game. Fortunately there are free fonts available.

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