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Run WME Games under LINUX


NOTE: Version 1.0 of this Tutorial

Before begin you need a Linux distribution (Mandrake, Suse, Redhat, Debian) and to be familiar with the Linux Operative System. At least you have to know what the console is or what a rmp file is.

If you have all these requirements, go on. If you not, try to download or buy any Linux distribution available in the market (e.g., and look for some tutorials about the Linux O.S. (e.g.


For this tutorial I've used my old Intel Pentium 4 at 1,5 Ghz, 512 MB of RAM and an ATI Radeon 9800 PRO. The Linux distribution I've used is SUSE LINUX 9.0 with KDE 3.1 as desktop.

I recommend KDE instead of GNOME because it's more complete, and Mandrake, SUSE or Redhat as distributions because they are easier to install and to work with. So this tutorial will be centered on this requirements.

Before continue make sure to have the latest drivers for your graphic card. ATI and Nvidia have generic drivers for their cards, that run under linux (

Note: Your graphic card must be compatible with OpenGL (99% of todays graphic cards, have this requirement)

Running a Game:

To emulate a WME game we're going to use a special version of the WINE emulator that virtually supports DirectX. This program is called WineX and you'll have to buy it for full support ( Nevertheless you can download some binary files and try to install them by yourself (in my opinion, very hard).

But there are other solutions. Some people download these binary files and make RPM files to simplify this task. Here is a link where you could download the program
You can also download it from P2P programs like e-Mule (in this case it's legal)

Although I recommend to buy the program for 3 reasons:

1) It's very cheap (less than 15 $)
2) You help to support the development
3) You have a specific RPM version for your Linux distribution

I bought it ;-)

It's better to download the newest version: Cedega (WineX 4.x)

Once you have the RPM file in your computer, if you're using KDE under the distributions I recommend before, just click (or double click in RedHat) on the icon that represents the file.

After a few moments, the emulator will be installed into your system (remember that you should need the Root / Administrator password or permission to be able to install the program)

Note: Here is a link to the release notes and a howto guide, for install Cedega under any Linux distribution and under any desktop environment. (

With the emulator installed into your system, open the console and type “cedega root_of_a_wmegame.exe” (without quotes)

There's a better way to do this. If you're using KDE, just right click on the game's icon and select open with. A window will be open. In this window you should type, in the little label placed in the top, “cedega” (without quotes), and then click on the Ok or Open button. Then your game will run :D

Note: The WME game must be a single EXE file. All the packages must be binded to the main executable.

As far as I've tested WME devkit tools, I can say that Project Manager and WME.exe run very well. Unfortunatly Sprite Editor and Scene Editor don't work as well as we wanted.

I hope you've understood all this stuff.
Good Luck!

Manuel Martos (MMR)

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