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After months of work on the pdf version of the WME Book, I've decided that it's such a big task to undertake that I've rather chosen a different approach with the book in general. I've decided to release this book as a donationware so everyone who finds information enclosed in the upcoming chapters useful could support further extensions of the WME book and motivate me with the continuation. Also it better reflects the spirit of the engine itself.

Another reason why I've changed the approach is, that WME is a very dynamic piece of software and it changes under my hands, so I have to revise all the time informations I present. Online version would be much easier to maintain and readers will be presented with up-to-date information as opposed to ageing or obsolete ideas.

Last but not the least reason is, that I'm an active WME developer and I want to spend more time on game developing than on the book writing. On the other hand I feel, that even what I already have can easily help many newcomers on their path of learning WME.

This book is supposed to lift you from the zero knowledge of WME to someone who should be able to program an adventure game. It's not a magical formula though and it would still require a hard work and studying from your side. But I believe that this path will be much easier now. Also as a side project you'll create (starting at chapter 8) a little game which will put the gained knowledge to immediate and practical use. I hope that my focus on practical use of described elements will help you understand the core concepts of WME.

Also in the chapter Resources you'll find necessary materials for each chapter so you could really follow the chapters in the tutorial-like way.

I hope this book would prove useful to the community and wish you all good luck with your projects.

Jan "metamorphium" Kavan

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