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How do I run a compiled game in debug mode (to allow error logging or FPS display)

When you are developing the game and run it from Project Man?, it runs in a “debug” mode by default (you can enable/disable the debug mode in Project Man?). When in debug mode, the game generates a log file (wme.log) and displays some debugging informations on screen.

Once you compile the game and prepare it for deployment, the debug mode is disabled. But there are times when you need to enable the debug mode even for the compiled game (e.g. when you are tracking down an error at the player's computer or when you need to see his FPS (frames per second).

To enable the debug mode you need to do this:

 1. Create a new text file called “wme.ini” (*) in the game directory 
 2. Type in the in the following lines: 

The first line will enable logging and on-screen debug informations, the second one will display FPS in the upper left corner, the third will allow the player to select a windowed mode even if it's disabled by default.
Of course you can only enable some of those options if you need to.

*) Note: the “wme.ini” file was called dcgf.ini in older WME versions (pre-1.6)

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